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  • Post at Nathalie Bouland Caminati / 2023 October

    Finding your way with Swixim international

    Finding your way with Swixim international

    How to change your professional life... ? Who hasn't asked themselves this question at one time or another in their life... Find YOUR WAY...

    And why not start your own business? Yes, but how? In what universe? Or find THE right idea...

    And why not real estate? It's a profession based on passion, advice and support... a profession in which you can succeed... even if you're self-taught...

    Yes, real estate agent... but again, in what form: with an agency, without an agency, backed by a local, national or international brand, supported by a franchise network, as an independent...

    Many questions to which there is no universal answer...

    Why don't we discuss your project? We have simple solutions and a square concept... just like our emblem!

    Discover the real estate openStore by Swixim... an innovative solution without precedent in the world of real estate and franchising... A 3.0 solution for a new generation of real estate agents.

    Dare to contact the 1st Swiss Made real estate franchise for a chance to change your vision of real estate and succeed!

    Nathalie Bouland Caminati ( Vice CEO at Swixim international SA )