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Vision and Values

<b>Vision and Values</b>
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Our vision of the estate agency is based on the conviction that free agents who are 100% committed to success are the key to an exceptional customer experience.

Our business vision is clear

We free estate agents from the main operational burdens so that they can devote more energy and talent to what they love to do, delivering their customers' property projects.
Yes, our job is to be on the ground, for and with our customers.
Trusting Swixim international to help you succeed in your property project means trusting men and women who like to win and never give up, with a square approach, like the emblem of Swixim international.
We're Swiss Made!

Our business <b>vision</b> is clear

Values had to be


Your Agent Swixim international is dedicated to the success of your project to buy, sell, rent or manage.
Your satisfaction is THE key to success!


Our real estate agency concept free up agents to be totally present in the field with their clients.
Innovation only makes sense if it brings added efficiency and simplicity.


Freedom in every form, especially for our clients, who have the choice to visit a store open 7 days a week, with immediate access to a full range of services.


From the beginning, innovation has always been part of Swixim international's DNA, with the creation of the Mandat Garanties®.
Since 2021, our openStore®7/7 agency concept revolutionized the real estate industry. A Swiss Made innovation.

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