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  • World premiere

    Official presentation of the "openStore real estate" concept by Swixim

    Official presentation of the

    Last Friday, the Swixim international real estate group brought together members of its network at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. It took the opportunity to present its neo-agency concept "openStore immobilier by Swixim" in a world premiere. Geneva, March 13, 2023 - The Swixim international group brought together 170 real estate agents from the network last Friday at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne for a Congress on the theme of commitment, a strong value of sport and Olympism. It also took the opportunity to present its world-first neo-real estate agency concept, bringing together the best of two worlds: physical and digital.

    After two years of testing in five pilot units in Switzerland and France, the concept is now up and running and ready for deployment. It consists of an open-access real estate arcade, open seven days a week, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, with no staff costs, although it does offer a personalized, digitalized human welcome. The first Swiss real estate franchise, the Swixim international network offers a "turnkey" solution, including the manufacture, layout, digitization and reception of the real estate openStore. The latter is made available to its franchisees by Swixim international, enabling them to concentrate fully on their core business. Featuring an arcade in the window, 30 to 50 square meters of space and automatic doors, the openStore aims to become a standard.

    "We're revolutionizing the world of real estate, while keeping the human dimension at the heart of our business," says Thierry Caminati, founder of Swixim International. "The real estate openStore is the logical response to the challenges of tomorrow. To give itself the means to expand its concept internationally, Swixim launched a fund-raising campaign at the Congress, with the aim of tripling the company's sales by deploying 150 new openStores. The Congress was also an opportunity to talk about commitment and innovation. The evening's surprise guest, yachtsman Loïck Peyron, winner of numerous ocean regattas, tackled this theme with passion and humor, before a prize-giving ceremony rewarding the commitment and performance of the Swixim network's top talents. "Swixim International has just turned 18, a symbol for our real estate network, now a major player in every sense of the word," concludes Thierry Caminati. "I firmly believe in the future of independent real estate agencies and brokers, free and determined to guarantee the success of their customers' projects. I'm convinced that the future of real estate is phygital.


    A strong identity, made in swiss,

    Swixim international reflects Swiss expertise and values of quality, tradition and innovation in wealth management, banking, insurance... and real estate.

    These values, supported by a strong brand image and a Swiss identity, are a reassuring factor for owners, buyers and tenants in Switzerland and abroad.

    For further information: www.swixim-franchise.com

    Official presentation of the