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  5. An innovative concept for real estate entrepreneurs: The real estate openStore, by Swixim international
  • Published on 03/08/2023 · Alain Gabriel Magazine Entreprendre/France

    An innovative concept for real estate entrepreneurs: The real estate openStore, by Swixim international

    An innovative concept for real estate entrepreneurs: The real estate openStore, by Swixim international

    Realty is a sector with a large number of franchisors, and remains one of the most popular for franchising. Alongside the best-known names, some players are offering new concepts, which are real opportunities, such as Swixim international with its real estate openStore.


    Swixim international: "Swiss Quality" services and "Swiss Made" know-how

    The 1st Swiss real estate franchise, Swixim international was founded in Geneva in 2005 and draws on Swiss expertise in real assets, including real estate. The brand already has around 25 branches and 250 agents. Based on the principle of trust-based relationships with owners and transparent, attractive rates, the network covers the full range of real estate services - sales, rentals and residential management - with a premium component. Above all, the network is committed to building relationships with its members. As Thierry Caminati, President of Swixim International, confirms: "Our success is due to the services we offer our customers, but above all to our desire to be a network that relies on relationships between entrepreneurs. To provide our customers with the best possible service, we aim to attract the best people, enabling them to concentrate on their core business. To achieve this, Swixim international has launched an offer that is revolutionizing real estate franchising: The realty openStore by Swixim."


    A new concept in real estate: openStore by Swixim.

    It all starts with a paradox: while customers suffer from inconvenient agency opening hours, sales staff complain about low commission rates and on-call duties, and managers bemoan the fixed costs of a physical agency, these agencies are still in demand. So, in 2020, Swixim International created the first real estate agency with no staff: the openStore. Customer reception is digitalized, with remote assistants hired and managed by the franchisor. This format enables us to reduce the surface area of our agencies, favoring NO1 locations and reducing rents. What's more, sales agents are no longer required to be on call, and can concentrate on their core business. Franchisees thus reduce their costs, and ensure better remuneration for their agents. Last but not least, the reduced set-up costs of the openStore make it easier for franchisees to enter the real estate market.


    The real estate openStore by Swixim, an opportunity to succeed in the real estate business

    The very principle of the openStore, with no salaried staff and a reduced surface area, enables candidates to join a real estate franchise at a lower cost. However, Swixim International goes one step further: "Our aim is to attract the best talent, and enable them to concentrate on what they do best: doing business," says Mr. Caminati. "The openStore can be offered with a financing solution. We provide full support and training for our franchisees, whom we see as partners. We want to attract people with entrepreneurial spirit, and in some cases we can partner with them if they don't have the card. With the openStore, Swixim International offers a real opportunity for everyone to get started in the real estate business.